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VIP Consignor Program

As a VIP Consignor, we hang, tag, and transport your items to the event. VIP consignors receive 40% of their sales and a pass to SHOP EARLY!

Mailed Barcode Labels

Pre-labeling shortens your drop-off experience by 30 minutes to an hour! Sign up to have your labels mailed directly to your house!

Consignor Drop & Go

Drive up to the front door and let us unload your car for you! You will sign your paperwork in the car and we will hand you your passes through the window. We will put your items out on the floor for you and you don't have to do a thing! You MUST mark your items to go half-price and be donated, in order to be eligible for this service. All items MUST be pre-labeled (grab your labels early on one of our early barcode pick-up days).

Consignor Drop-Off Apppointments

Drop off your items in a quiet and spread out environment with only 10-16 people in the building at a time. Normal drop-off procedures will be followed.

Curbside Check Pick Up

Donate all of your unsold items or don't have any to pick up on pick-up day? Pick up your check at the curb and never even leave your car!

Curbside Item Pick Up

Don't want to get out of your car for item pick-up? Let us bring it to your car for you! Please read all instructions at the link above.

Want to Shop EARLIER than your Free Consignor Time?

We have lots of pre-sale ticket options! Each ticket admits you and ONE GUEST!

Consignor Tutorial Videos

They are short & sweet & give you all of the info. you need to get started (& make more $$)